SQL Server Flight Checks

Is your SQL Server flying low and slow? Do you want the best performance out of your databases? Or maybe you do you not have a dedicated DBA team to look after it, or perhaps your team needs a little help? 

SQL Server if a fantastic and very sophisticated system but sometimes it may need a little checkup. We can help you get the most out of your databases and infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.


Our 3-Day Assessment Service comes at a set price and focuses on the following areas:

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No one needs backups but everyone needs restores.

Taking backups is not good enough if you cannot restore data from it. Analogically, backing up a corrupted database is will render it useless. As part of our assessment, we will check for data corruption and your backup strategy. Depending on the database size and your environment, we may also be able to run test restores.

We will review your Disaster Recovery plans and approach taking into account your RTO and RPO requirements.


There is very little benefit in fixing a SQL Server instance if there is no control who can change what. We will audit your security configuration to make sure you know who has what access and advise on the best practise.

This will also include reviewing of any critical and missing security patches that may need to be applied. 


A slow database can not only be very frustrating but also expensive if it runs in the cloud.

We will review your workload, wait statistics, storage performance and index strategy and advise on the best approach to tackle performance issues. We will also review your patches and possible upgrades that impact performance.

If you have a specific performance problem that you would like us to look at without doing the full assessment this can also be arranged separately. 


Ongoing monitoring is like a flight recorder and is very important to ensure the SQL Server instance does not deviate from the baseline over time. A lot of our customers do not have a dedicated performance monitoring and that’s why we are offering to install and configure our very own monitoring solution: SQLWATCH – Free and Open Source SQL Server Monitoring Framework.

Documented report

Each assessment will include a report with a list of checks carried out, the result of each check, impact with an explanation and the recommended remedial action. Although most customers engage us to help them implement remedial actions, these can also be done by your internal DBA team alone or with our assistance.

Price does not include VAT. Engagement will be delivered remotely or on-site in the York area at the above price. On-site engagements outside of the York area will be at the above cost plus the cost of travel. Multi-server discounts are available.

How we do it

On the morning of day 1, we will have a call with your team to understand what the pain points are. We will then work through the remaining days staying in touch with the team and keeping you up to date with the progress. On day 3 we will provide a report and have a closing call to answer any questions and to make sure everyone understands the findings and recommended remedial actions.

The most convenient and most compliant way to access your servers is via Webex – one of your team members will run a Webex session and can watch us do our thing. We are also happy with other ways such as VPN or Web Gateways.

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