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We are multidisciplined Data Consultancy based in the beautiful city of York. We specialise in Microsoft Data Platform, Data Security, Data Migrations, Cost Reduction and Optimisations.


Our mission.

We are on the mission to enable businesses to use their data more effectively. We live in times where volumes of data increase daily and it becomes more and more difficult to make use and sense out of it and to make it secure. Data journey spans across many services and applications. 

Are you with us? Hop on, the captain is waiting. Give your business a rocket boost.

Rocket start your project

Building data integration pipelines or migration workflows is difficult. Ensuring compliance, GDPR, security, integrity, is like having to fly through a dense asteroid belt before reaching the final destination. We have done it many times and haven’t crashed yet. Let us help you.

You’re not sure what you need but feel your current solutions have gaps and aren’t bringing enough value? Are you starting a new project that you would like to get right from the get go and avoid costly mistakes? Have a custom requirement?


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Who We are

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Sargable is a condition in relational databases where the query can take advantage of the index to speed up execution. The term is a derivation of Search Argument Table. A sargable query means efficient query.

We created this brand as we feel it better reflects our company offerings and the current needs of the market.

We love working with data and people. We like simple and efficient solutions that leverage automation as much as possible.

We are very approachable and willing to help. Please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Our services

We offer a wide range of data and database related services to cover your end to end requirements.

Advice & Strategy

Got lost in the galaxy of data? Our drones will help you find a way to your destination.

Development & Automation

There's nothing better than a custom-built intergalactic spaceship driven by robots.

Integrations & Migrations

Too many space crafts can be difficult to maintain. Let's focus on the mothership first.

Project Management

Let the experienced captain lead your project smoothly from the beginning to the final delivery.

SQL Server Flight Checks

Does your database take light-years to do anything? Pouring jet fuel over it will not help but we will.

Security Screening

Don't make the next data breach headline. Make sure your data is yours, safe and secure.  

Board the ship. Get a rocket boost.

* We do not charge for extra legroom and let you seat with your team for free.